Petrel Enterprise

Petrel Enterprise is the sole importer of Smeva products for the US and Canada. It was founded in 2004 to increase customer service and availability of Smeva products. Since then, Petrel Enterprise has supplied and installed numerous projects all over the US.

Smeva, Since 1920

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Smeva BV was founded in 1920 by Marcel Smets. The company was originally a joinery works focused on the manufacture of retail and catering outlet fittings that incorporated ice bars and iceboxes. In 1955, the focus was switched to the manufacture of refrigerating units and demountable cold rooms for the cooling industry. In the 1960s, Smeva set up its own sales, installation and service divisions. The emphasis gradually shifted toward more direct contact with the end-user.

Smeva eventually managed to win a 70% market share in the Benelux meat retailing sector by marketing its own in-house products and cooling novelties, e.g. cold-plate technology and ultrasound humidifiers (1983).

Smeva grew at a record rate by continually entering new markets with its own products and services, such as cooling units and servicing for bakeries, supermarkets and petrol stations. In 1975, premises were opened in Belgium to provide better service to the company's Belgian clientele.

Smeva has always had an eye for providing its customers with the best quality at an affordable price. This was why Smeva chose to represent Linde supermarket fittings in 1978, becoming their exclusive dealer. This product enabled Smeva to play a leading role in supermarket cooling systems.

By 1993, the stage had been set for the business model that Smeva still has to this day, i.e. independent divisions and operating companies with their own identity and sole responsibility for their own customer bases, products and financial results.

In 1997, a Hengelo-based company, KOVU, was taken over. KOVU specializes in retail, wholesale and management of the entire cooling system supply chain for international customers' in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In 2005, a major shareholding was acquired in the company KMI Apeldoorn, thereafter called KMI-Apeldoorn/Smeva. KMI/Smeva thus became the market leader in shop fitting for food retail outlets and specialty shops.

In 2006, Smeva started up activities in the building climate control market via its operating company Smeva Air-conditioning.

Following the takeover of Linde Kaltetechniek by Carrier Corporation, Smeva decided to sell its exclusive Linde dealership back to Carrier Bedrijfskoeling in late 2007. Supermarket-related activities such as Smeva Service and Smeva Koeling were also sold to Carrier.

Smeva has always operated, and shall continue to operate, as a supplier to the cooling market with a focus on the acquisition of branch-related companies in the Netherlands and abroad.